Finding Time to Study While Working - Part 2/2

Are you struggling to find time to study? Juggling work, family and studies IS hard, indeed. Last week we delved into this topic, this is the continuation of our article from the previous week and our research. 

Remember, putting off studies is never a good idea. You tend to lose momentum and also your motivation if you keep putting things off. Perseverance is important when you are studying for certification like CIMA. 

8. Experiment on how best you can focus.  

Experiment on how best you can focusWe can give you lists of ideas. But unless you try out a few ways that appeal to or work for you, you are not going to find how best to prep your own mind for studying.

Some may focus better after a nap. Others may focus better after a short session of quiet contemplation –or if you prefer to call it meditation.

Exercise works too. There is evidence that your hormones give you a high following physical exercise, which last for a number of hours afterwards. Studying during that time will make you more effective and more productive.

Also, before you study, sit down and take a minute to make a quiet resolution that you will make the best of the time available to you. Do not underestimate the power of resolution!


Untitled design 129. Free your mind. 

If there are pressing issues at work or home, it is best to be done with those first. Then you can focus on your studies. Otherwise they will be nagging you at the back of your mind preventing you concentrating on your studies. 


10. Know when to stop.

Remember the law of diminishing marginal returns? You learn best with a fresh mind. Not getting up from your desk for three hours may be an act of sheer will, but it is not doing yourself or your brain a favour. Nor is it really productive.

Instead its best to get up, stretch, do some fun thing for a change—whatever that works for you, such as taking a walk, playing a game, writing a poem, listening to music, a chat with friends or family, petting your dog or cat--and have the discipline to come back to study.

Grit is the most important quality for success. And nowhere is it more important than when you have to force yourself to sit down for a study session. 


Study with kids 11. If you have kids

Try to schedule study time when kids are asleep or otherwise occupied.

Older kids may respect your need for quiet time, but little ones can interrupt, and do so constantly. Find ways around this. Yes, you can.

If you and your friends who are studying together have the same issues, maybe you can arrange play dates to get you a bit of quiet time. And then do the same for your friends. It is all up to you. 


12. Too tired after work, to study?

Again, you have to find the best times to study. Are you an early bird or a night owl? By now you should know whether you study best at night or in the early morning hours. If you are studying full time, this is not an issue.

Consider what you can do to feel less tired.

How about some meditation? How about doing something relaxing? How about taking a walk or exercise. It all depends on you. A bath, a snack, a chat can all be relaxing and refreshing methods before you begin studying.

Just don’t sit down to study while you are tired to find yourself nodding off to sleep. It is far better to take a short nap and get to studying later. Getting sufficient sleep is good for your brain too and enhances cognition. Insufficient sleep can diminish cognition.  

too tired to study


13. You must find the strength and persevere if you want to pass your professional exams.  

The whole idea of CIMA exams and the qualification is to make you a professional. That includes achieving a million things within the limited time you have at work. Successful people and unsuccessful people both have just 24 hours in a day.

Learning to manage time is a critical skill for professional success. Think of finding the time, and strategizing about making the most of study time, as a training for that career as a management accounting professional.

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