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Practice Tests Academy provides top-notch ACCA preparation packages ranging from Single Mocks, Practice Kits and heavility discounted bundles for the Applied Knowledge level.

This year, you are offered more security to pass your ACCA exam. You’ve got Pass assurance, Money-back guarantee, and tutor-support with no added cost. A chance not to be missed!

Take a look at our Black Friday ACCA BT, MA and FA packages we have on offer for this campaign:

1 or 3x Mock Exams

Mocks with actual exam style questions, time-limited. 

Practice Kits

More than 600 questions, written by world-class ACCA tutors

Heavily discounted bundles

Get a whole level practice kits with a significant discount of 44%

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Black Friday Deals

These offers are valid until 23.59hrs on Friday, 4th of December 2020, UK time

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BT, MA & FA Mock Exams
Mock Exams

PTA's single mock exams are a very similar representation of the actual exam, according to our successful students. 

Need to practice intensively? Grab our offer of 3 unique mock exams.

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    What is included
  • 1 or 3 mocks for any paper
  • Real exam experience 
  • Detailed results with feedback 
  • Verify answers upon completion
  • Instant online access, 180 days
  • For Sept 2020-Aug 2021 exams
  • Ask our tutors support available
BT, MA & FA Practice Kits
Practice Kits

Our Practice Kits include 3 mock exams and a revision questions bank. There are 600+ exam-style questions to test your knowledge. 

We've also prepared a 1 day plans - intensive practice for students on a budget.

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    What is included
  • 600+ real-exam questions
  • 3 unique mocks + more
  • Detailed results and feedback
  • Study mode and exam mode
  • Structure based on BPP book
  • Access for 1 year
  • Ask our tutors support avaiable
Practice KitsBundles
Practice Kits

Our bundle for ACCA Applied Knowledge (BT, MA and FA) Pratice Kits offers already have 25% off included in the prices.

Grab an additional discount
and enjoy up to 44% off !

    What is included
  • 3 x (BT+MA+FA) Practice Kits
  • Plenty of mocks included
  • 1,800+ exam-mimicking Qs
  • A strucutred way to prepare
  • Quantity discount applied
  • Ask our tutors support avaiable
who are we?

About Practice Tests Academy

For just under 5 years, we not only managed to provide one of the best practice tools for CIMA students, ensuring they can pass their exams, but we became one of the top leading tuition providers, officially recognised and accredited by CIMA Global. We currently own the world’s largest bank of OT CIMA questions with a growing number of more than 15 000 successful students from more than 150 countries. We are an official Kaplan publishing reseller. We recently won two international business awards: “Best Online CIMA Tuition Provider 2020” in the Worldwide Finance Awards 2020 hosted by Acquisition International and then later “Online CIMA Tuition Provider of the Year” by Corporate LiveWire in their Global Awards 2020.

But this is ACCA, I hear you say. How are these achievements related?

We've written the biggest question bank to be found online for CIMA CBE papers. The next logical step for us is ACCA. We've been working on developing a new ACCA question bank for almost 2 years. Today we are releasing the first 3 papers covering the Applied Knowledge level:

  • ACCA BT - Business and Technology
  • ACCA MA - Management Accounting
  • ACCA FA - Financial Accounting

We're working on releasing more later this year :)

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