CIMA P2 Practice Kit + Study Notes

CIMA P2 Practice Kit 2019 + Study Notes

Full Package consists of at least 600 questions, that were prepared for YOU by a group of the world class tuition providers and the business experts. They have collaborated together in order to create high quality, relevant and entertaining questions with descriptive answers. It is important that the questions are prepared by a variety of people so in your learning process, you get exposed to the different points of view, different styles of questioning. In this way you become more agile in your thinking and therefore better prepared for the final exam.

All the questions are original, and are based on the current, 2019 CIMA syllabus.

You can find questions with different difficulty levels, some require more calculations, some have longer text to digest and some are simple MCQs. You can find here all the possible question types:

  • multiple choice,
  • multiple response,
  • drag and drop,
  • drop down,
  • fill in the blank
  • hotspot
  • scenario based question sets.

The whole package is well differentiated. Because of the different question types and different levels of difficulty, we are also using scaled scores, just like on the real exam.

The questions are based on the chapters from the official CIMA publishing materials. Everything is clear and transparent so you can focus on the areas you need to improve.

This is the only practice kit available online with so many questions to practice! Increase your chance of passing the first time by practicing as many questions as possible. Practice makes better!

With this package, you have a possibility to practice more than 500 questions for P2 exam.  You can find here 2 testing modes:

  1. Study mode where you see the answer straight after you press submit button, it's not time limited, however you can always see how long you have spent so far. You have a separate test for each syllabus topic. Number of questions was adjusted to meet the % weight of the syllabus, so you can practice what's important.
    • Part A deals with cost planning and analysis for competitive advantage and it covers 25% of the syllabus,
    • Part B deals with control and performance management responsibility centres and it covers 30% of the syllabus,
    • Part C deals with long-term decision making and it covers 30% of the syllabus,
    • Part D deals with management control and risk and it covers 15% of the syllabus.
  2. Exam mode, limited by time, just like on the real exam. It can be also called an exam simulator. You get the score and the answers after you submit the full test. You have 3 tests here:
    • 1 full MOCK exam with unique (not repeated) questions (also sold separately),
    • 1 full MOCK (60q randomly taken from the study mode questions' database),
    • 1 mini MOCK (30q randomly chosen questions from the study mode). You get here a real exam experience.

You have the possibility to practice more than 500 questions per each paper (that includes all the questions from the study mode and 60 questions from the Mock exam with unique questions). If you want to get used to the real exam structure, atmosphere and time pressure, you can practice as many Mock exams (or mini Mocks) as you wish as the questions from there are randomly taken from the P2 syllabus. Each exam will be different, but if you covered the study mode, you might recall some questions. That's why you can check your knowledge and your preparation status for the exam by completing a Mock exam with unique questions. There is no repetition there and you can check your progress by looking at your detailed score.

Again, the more you practice, the more you reflect on the questions you have completed and understand the reasons for questions you failed, the higher chance of passing you get.

Duration: 180 days
Price: GBP70.00