BT + MA + FA Practice Kits

BT + MA + FA Practice Kits

More than 1,800 exam-style practice questions for ACCA BT, MA and FA papers
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  • £100.00
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Practice Kits
for BT + MA + FA

  £100 / 545 days 

  BT, MA and FA Practice Kits 

  1,800+ exam-style qs for BT, MA and FA

  Study notes and extra end of chapter qs

  For Sept 2020-Aug 2021 exams

  Practise by chapter and/or syllabus part

  3 extra mocks per paper

  Access for 1.5 years

  Ask our tutors support avaiable

  Absolutely Best Value for Money!

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Applied Knowledge Practice Kits

Complement your ACCA Applied Knowledge studies with our complete set of 3 x 600+ questions and answers

You will be able to attempt questions at your own pace, getting instant feedback on your answers and an explanation of the correct answer. This study mode allows you to focus on specific syllabus areas. 

Whether you attempt a mock exam or focus your studies on a specific topic, you will always receive a detailed analysis of how you are progressing.

That's great and many thanks.  Yes, I'm impressed with the material so far and is exactly what I was looking for. 

The number of providers with different syllabus materials and also varying levels of practice questions are confusing.  Especially when home studying.

- Lee Pattison-
UK, 10.2018