ACCA BT Practice Kit for 24hrs

ACCA BT Practice Kit for 24hrs

24 hrs access to BT Practice and revision kit, more than 600 questions, 3 separate mocks
  • 24 hoursCourse Duration
  • ACCA Applied KnowledgePackage Type
  • £12.00
  • Mocks, Practice Kit for 24 hrsProduct Type

ACCA BT Practice Kit for 24 hrs

About BT Practice Kit

Complement your ACCA BT studies with our complete set of 600+ questions and answers for ACCA BT  valid for 24 hours (and you can select which day)

You will be able to attempt questions at your own pace, getting instant feedback on your answers and an explanation of the correct answer. You can select if you wish to practise questions from Section A and/or Section B, or a specific chapter. You can select study or exam mode, you have the full flexibility here.

Let's not forget about the set of mocks you can choose. There are 3 unique mocks, that mimics exactly the exam conditions and the styles of questions. There are also other mocks, that pick the questions from our questions database. The aim of those mocks is to allow you to improve your exam answering technique. 

Whether you attempt a mock exam or focus your studies on a specific topic, you will always receive a detailed analysis of how you are progressing.

Few screenshots from the BT practice kit: