ACCA MA Financial Accounting

Management Accounting

The MA/FMA paper is a foundation paper that develops knowledge and understanding of management accounting techniques to support management in planning, controlling and monitoring performance in a variety of business contexts.
ACCA MA packages (updated with Sep2021-Aug2022 syllabus): MA mocks and Practice Kit to help you prepare for your ACCA exam. 

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   ✅  Tips for sitting the MA exam

   ✅  Tips for studying for MA

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ACCA MA Management Accounting free questions

BT free package is a copy of our BT Practice Kit. It has only limited access to certain parts. 

Best ACCA MA Packages for You

For Sept 2021-Aug 2022 exams

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1 or 3 MA Mocks

best for students on a budget

        price   £9 /  90 days 

   1 or 3 mocks for MA paper
   Real exam experience

   Detailed results + feedback

   Verify answers upon completion
   Instant online access, 180 days

   Ask our tutors support 

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MA Practice Kit

best for busy students - ideal exam preparation

        price   £65 /  0.5 year

   600+ real-exam questions

    3 mocks + 2 BPP bonus ones

   Detailed results + feedback

   Study and exam mode

   BPP's study ebook included  

   Ask our tutors support 

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BT+MA+FA Bundle

best for offer grabbers

        price  £160 / 1 year 

   3 x (BT+MA+FA) Practice Kits
   Plenty of mocks included
   1,800+ exam-mimicking Qs
   BPP's 3 study ebooks + bonuses

    Quantity discount applied

   Ask our tutors support 

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Compare PTA's ACCA MA Packages

Key Features Free
Single Mock 3x Mocks best seller cima strategic
Practice Kit with BPP
Practice Kit w/o BPP ebook
MA Single Mock
official BPP study text
+ 2 bonus MA mocks
MA 3x Mocks
Price free £9 £24 £65 £45
Duration lifetime 90 days 90 days 180 days 180 DAYS
Number of available questions 26+11 44 3x44 819 819
Instant access
Study mode
Exam mode
Mocks 1 (mini ) 1 3 3+ 3+
Split of the questions according to the syllabus
Based on current BPP study book
2 bonus BPP mocks
Detailed feedback
'Ask a tutor' support
Available discounted upgrades
7-day money back guarantee + pass assurance
Price free £9 £24 £65 £45
Free MA
Get MA
Single Mock
3 x Mocks
Practice Kit
with BPP
Practice Kit
without BPP

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