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What our students say about us

Students' Testimonials

What our students say about us

Invaluable and incredibly helpful

Thank you very much!

The practice kits are invaluable and incredibly helpful.

It really helped me a lot

I would like to inform you that I have cleared certificate level and also 3 OT's from the operational level. 

Thank you for providing your packages. It really helped me a lot. Hoping to continue studying with you in the near future.

Really helped me a lot

I have cleared F3, E3 and P3. Your materials really helped me a lot. The PTA material was very useful.

Thank you :)

The best thing that happened to me

Getting to know your site and study materials (specifically the 500 Q & A) was the best thing that happened to me during my studies.

I purchased your material for operational level and passed all three OTs on first attempt, all within a very short time.

Your questions cover the whole syllabus and are similar to the exam questions. I couldn't have achieved this without your materials as I only practised on here, just want to say thank you. I will definitely purchase your materials for the management level.

Cheers and keep up the good work.

Thank you a lot!

Thank you a lot!

Always pleasure to work and study wit PTA 

PTA's quality product is what you need to pass E3

I just had to write this mail to say "I passed E3"!!!!

This was by far the most difficult paper I had to write and definitely did not expect this result.  

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement throughout this process and the great material provided via Practice tests academy.

It's definitely clear to me that the quality product you supply along with the in depth knowledge of the syllabus is what you need to pass this exam.

PTA questions were very relevant

Purchased the 500+ practice questions 2 weeks ago for F3. Passed first time today and the questions were very relevant. Money well spent. Just the scs now to do in February and that’s me finished ???

Invaluable help

I successfully passed my BA1 exam today, and I couldn't thank you all enough. You've played an instrumental role in my success and I'm eternally grateful.

Thank for the free extensions and your unwavering patience and support.

Thanks again, 


Impressed with P3 video course

Hi Justyna,

That's great and many thanks.  Yes, I'm impressed with the material so far and is exactly what I was looking for. 

The number of providers with different syllabus materials and also varying levels of practice questions are confusing.  Especially when home studying.



Invaluable help

I have passed my BA3, thanks for your invaluable help. Now doing BA1 to complete cert level.

(Gibson was exchanging with and using the support of PTA tutors).

Very similar questions

PASSED F2 !!! Thank you for your materials. I felt some questions were exactly PTA model.

PTA materials were awesome

Dear Justyna,

I am delighted to inform you that I just passed my CIMA F3 exam yesterday ! Materials from Practice Test Academy was really awesome ! I will subscribe to materials for P3 and case study from you in future. Keep up the good work and keep supporting students like me.

Thanks and regards.

I passed with a score of 146 out of 150

Thanks to Practise Test Academy I passed BA3 with a score of 146 out of 150. I haven't studied in 30 years and I was always an average student so this was a shock as I didn't know what to expect.

Julies score

The best money spend ever

I’ve recently purchased F1 500 Q&A and it was the best money spend ever.

I will definitely buy again for my next exam.

Thanks Iwona

These materials seemed to do the trick

I'd also like to thank you for your website, and the many different products you offer.  I bought the P2 mock exam back in October as I had failed the real exam a few times and felt I needed some more help. I then failed it again, and was starting to get frustrated.  I went on to your website to see what else I could do, and found I could upgrade the mock to the 500 Q pack, and also had a discount code, so that was perfect.  I went over questions in every syllabus area, and that seemed to do the trick as the next exam I passed. 

I will be looking to continue that through 2018!

(Andrew has passed P2 and is preparing for Strategic level with us).

5-10 questions appeared on the E3 exam

Good morning Justyna, and thanks for your kind and encouraging message. 

I think I had a bit of luck, as I just confirmed I scored 106.

To be honest, your practice kit really helped me. What I did was intense. I learnt about your company last Friday or Saturday, so I registered with you on Sunday and practised all the questions I saw on  your site (about 560-650 in all including all the mocks). While revising with your kit under 2 days, I developed stamina and didn't get discouraged.

Roughly 5-10 of short questions attempted in your kit came out in the exams. Thanks again!

Similar questions to the actual exam

Hi Justyna 

I just passed F3 through the help of your questions' bank. A number of questions I got in the exam were very similar to the ones I practised with Practice Tests Academy. 

To be able to provide so many questions and of such high quality is truly remarkable. I highly recommend your product for any one attempting any CIMA paper. 

Keep up the good work and thank you for your support. I look forward to using your product for the E3 paper as well.

These materials made the difference

Hi Justyna

I have passed my F2 exam on my first attempt.

The material I purchased definitely made a difference. The questions definitely contributed to my knowledge and passing my exam.

I will definitely purchase questions for some of the papers as well.

(Wessel has studied with us through the whole Management and Strategic level).

Passed P2

Loving the material on your P2 500 Q&A Questions! 

I passed P1 and E1 straight away!

To pass CIMA exam, all students need to practice a lot. If you do a full-time job (like me), it is even harder than you might expect. Because most people want to practice online as they do not have the time to go through books and exam kits. So, what you need is a perfect platform where you can practice in the right way with the right materials. Luckily, I have found just that and I was able to be better prepared. So, I passed P1 and E1 straight away. I cannot explain how grateful I am to Practice Tests Academy!!! 

I’ve passed first time

Hi Justyna,

Thank you for looking into the issue and for resolving it. I’ve used practice test academy previously for my 3 cima exams and I’ve passed first time because of practice test academy so I definitely want to continue using it! 

Thank you

The closest I found to the P3 exam

Hi Maria,

Yes I found the layout the same but the best benefit was the questions and the language which was used and the way they were phased. These were the closest I found to the exam type and it gave me practice at assessing them quickly and choosing an answer which was great.

Thanks for all your help.

I passed E3 again on first attempt

Hai Justyna/Maria,

I passed E3 again on first attempt using your materials.

Your materials are amazing and i am very grateful.

Highly recommended study material

Thank you Practice Tests Academy for helping me clear all the objective tests for Strategic Level in four months!

When I heard that I passed the MCS on the 27th of June 2019 and learned that the syllabus is changing I thought to try and get just one OT out of the way on the 2015 syllabus. I was happy to learn that PTA will upgrade our CIMA packages to the new syllabus for free and bought the combo pack for E3, P3 and F3.

And today I can proudly say that I managed to clear not only one OT but all three and I will be writing the SCS in November. THANK YOU PTA! Highly recommended study material!

Passed P3

I passed P3 so all done with the objective tests, thanks

Thanks a million

Thanks a million for all your help passing E3. Have recommended yourselves to a few people already. Very impressed.

PTA questions were similar, but even harder than the real exam

The purpose of this mail is to inform you that I passed my BA4 exam today. The real exam was very similar to your questions, but your questions are way harder and better which is really good as it prepares the student for the main exam...

I am really grateful for your tool and efforts. Looking forward to studying ahead with PRACTICE TEST ACADEMY!!!!! 

PTA questions did help me pass E3

Hi, Justyna

I would like to inform you that I did pass E3 with a score of 107 in November 2018 it was my third attempt since 2015 after the start of the new online exams. I had basically given up on wanting to sit any CIMA exam with the frustration of failing E3, but I would like to say practice test academy questions did help me pass the exam the third time.

Also would like to mention that I did my exam within 2 months of practice. Hoping to take up P3 next. Maybe I would finally walk towards my dream of becoming a Management Accountant.

Once again would like to thank you for the support rendered by Practice test academy in helping students achieve their CIMA dream in an Asian country like mine. Keep up with your good work, thank you. 

Cleared P3 and E3 with PTA's help

I am very excited to let you know that I cleared my P3 exam on 15/11/2018. Thanks a lot to PTA for the 500 Q and A package. All the questions in the package and the mock exam really helped me get through the exam. I was also a student with PTA for E3 as well. I am looking forward to learning F3 with PTA as well.

Your materials were very helpful

Dear Justyna,

It is with great pleasure that I write to inform you I finally passed P3 last Saturday (29th September 2018) on my 4th attempt. 

I had attempted twice before I came in contact with your materials. I tried again like 3weekends ago but narrowly missed the cut-off score.

Your materials were very helpful indeed.

Please let me know if I can get materials for SCS as I intend to write the November 2018 exams. 


Thanks for a great product

Hi Justyna

Just wanted to say thanks for the additional material for E3. I passed the course :)

I'm moving onto F3 now with my PTA notes in hand

Thanks for a great product



Finally Passed MCS after 9 attempts!

I am in so much shock that I do not know where to start in thanking you to finally pass this case study. I will definitely buy PTA material for strategic OT exams.

Thank you so so much for your patience and encouragement. Please may you continue to assist other students like me.

PTA made sure I did not give up. I definitely have faith that with your assistance, I will not struggle with strategic exams. I will stick with you guys till I qualify. You really helped me.

(This student failed MCS exam 9 times before. We've exchanged emails, provided her with extra materials and she passed! We are so happy for her!)

Thanks for helping me Pass P3

Thanks to Practice Test Academy for helping to pass P3 exam on 10th March 2018. I will recommend PTA to anyone studying for the CIMA OTs. Thank you guys for the good work.

I appreciate the quality of questions

I sat for my F3 paper today (26.02.2018). After a lot of preparation with CIMA text books and your mocks, I cleared my exam in just 25 days of preparation :) Thanks to the team. I appreciate your quality of questions.

Passed F2 thanks to PTA


I have passed the F2 paper now preparing for the case study thanks to your 500 questions and answers pack.


Practised a lot with PTA

Pass (E3) Objective test.

I just resat the E3 exam today and passed it according to the test center's provisional grade. This time I practiced a lot on the practice test academy. I am really happy to encounter this useful practice kit. Thank you very much. I will keep you informed of my study progress.

(Tsutomu has passed both E3, P3 and F3 with us. Now he's preparing to sit SCS).

Exam-style questions (even more difficult than final exam) helped me get a PASS

I sat F3 today morning (27.01.2017) as planned and got a PASS!

Wow... First strategic paper that I got a pass from the first sit!

I am so excited as I always perceived F3 as the most difficult paper I should sit! I did lots of practice and mocks - on average I had a 'pass' performance in all mocks except few (incl. PTA which I got around 65%) but let me tell you that this mock was VERY relevant with exam-style questions and quite difficult making it a good tool to prepare! 

Couldn't have passed without this tool

I've been one of the first users of this website. Studying for a CIMA exam on your own, when you have a full-time job is hard. I revised the material, but the questions I had before were not enough. I wanted to practice on my laptop, just like the real exam is conducted. Here I was able to do that and... I passed my E2 exam! On the first sitting! I cannot be more grateful! Keep up the good work Practice Tests Academy!

Now I understand why I failed before

I haven't gotten far yet but I must say I am enjoying the questions very much. I now understand why I failed before. I need a lot of question practice. Thanks for the product, it's worth the money.

Thanks for all the support

I would like to take this moment to appreciate all the help I get from you and that I am able to progress with my studies because of Practice Tests Academy.

Case Studies from our students

How Tsutomu Miura passed Strategic level in half a year

I passed SCS at the first attempt. Right after I passed F3 on Feb 12th 2018, I applied for SCS so I had only 10 days preparation for pre seen material analysis. The basic knowledge through practice test academy helped me pass the final exam as well (Tsutomu has used all our 500Q&A packages for the strategic level). Thank you so much. I started my strategic level last July and completed it this February. It means I did it for a half year. Without practice test academy, it was impossible for me to achieve it!

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What other tuition providers and tutors say about us

Those practice tests give you that extra mile you need to pass your CIMA exam

The Practice Test Academy trials wide-ranging knowledge, gives vast challenging practice questions to test your knowledge and also works on ‘how to attempt an exam’. Their question bank is creative and very exam oriented to give students that extra mile. You can practice and learn side by side with their detailed products. The practice material has been a very good addition to SKANS teaching and exam preparation process. Thank you Practice Test Academy!

The appropriateness of the material supplied is spot-on

As a busy accountancy and finance tutor, I am always on the lookout for sites that give professional exposure to the accounting. PTA's site certainly does that. The appropriateness of the material supplied is spot-on. The questions in the practice tests are linked to real time accounting scenarios and meet the quality criteria that a student needs not only to pass the exam, but also to be a real accounting guru.

What I like the most that all the multiple choice questions have easy to difficult level. I am also recommending all of my students and co-teachers to subscribe this website for practice tests.
Big thanks and regards Salman Abbas.

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